It's Here! Toshima Island's Ashitaba Tsubaki Chili Oil Unveiled for the First Time at the Aoyama Farmers Market

The special product development team on Toshima Island developed a new product, "Toshima's Ashitaba Tsubaki Chili Oil" while listening to the opinions and thoughts of people on the island. It is a new product that uses two local specialties: ashitaba herb and tsubaki oil from the island. On February 25th, 2023 (Saturday), the product was sold at the Aoyama Farmers Market which takes place every weekend in front of the United Nations University in Aoyama, Tokyo.


Toshima's Ashitaba Tsubaki Chili Oil uses island chilis from the Tokyo islands known for their sharp spicy taste with tsubaki oil and ashitaba herb grown on the island too. The chili oil manufactured on the island does not use any chemical seasonings and has a crunchy texture from the ashitaba herb, a high-quality flavor from the tsubaki oil and a sharp taste from the chilis. Enjoy it as a dipping sauce or a condiment; it also works well as a topping for Japanese curry. One recommended way to enjoy the chili oil is to put it on white rice or tofu, allowing you to simply enjoy the flavors of the ashitaba herb.

On February 25th, team members from Toshima Island came rushing into Tokyo to help with the sales of the product. Although the weather was cold, the market was lively and filled with people. Residents of the island also helped with recommended recipes, showing them to customers passing by and helping with sales. It was a great success.


On that day, the team wasn't only selling the chili oil but also a Genovese sauce, "Toshima's Ashitaba Tsubaki Oil Sauce." Both the chili oil and sauce were packaged together so customers can buy them as gifts for people; the green and red motifs creating a matching package. Trying both the sauce and chili oil seems like a fun eating experience.


Many customers dropped by the Toshima Island sales booth and the chili oil quickly sold out due to its popularity. While talking to those customers, many of them expressed interest in Toshima Island and said they wanted to go travel there due to buying the chili oil. Perhaps this chili oil could be a great way to learn more about the island.

There were also people who have been checking social media about Toshima Island and were looking forward to the chili oil being sold at the market. By continually announcing that the team was developing a product from Toshima Island since last year, it provided a place for further understanding the island in a deeper way. Within the team, members expressed their desire to increase the number of these kinds of events in order to meet the people they connected with on the internet.

With the success of the product at the market this time, the team will sell the product on the island and online too. The team will continually make efforts going forward while hoping that customers will come to know more about and like the island as the chili oil, which uses wonderful ingredients from Toshima Island, becomes more popular all around.