Audio Guide to the Sawa No Komichi, How Did People React?

Under the 7iro8jo "Re:TABI" project (mentioned as "Re:TABI" going forward), we implemented "altruism" as the main concept for this project and released an audio guide for Sawa no Komichi on Hachijojima for the travel audio guide application "ON THE TRIP." "Crouch down" and "close your eyes." Take these two actions to heart and walk Sawa no Komichi using all five senses to experience something new.


(Sawa no Komichi's Location)

What sort of opinions or thoughts did you have when you used the audio guide? We've researched people's opinions on the matter.


(Using the Audio Guide and Taking a Walk in Sawa no Komichi)

Thoughts and comments included, "My five senses adapted to the forest, I started noticing different sounds and sights, my feelings felt more intense; it was quite a fun and different experience as I walked with my friends and had time to myself too" to "Listening to the audio guide while walking in the forest was quite refreshing, going to the people's archive before and after will really help expand my knowledge." Using the audio guide while walking in nature offered listeners a new and refreshing experience.

There are no maps or signs in the trail, so some visitors said they felt uneasy not knowing where they were and turned back.

Therefore, we've implemented altruism workshops and walking the Sawa no Komichi at the nearby Eco Agrimart and supporting on how to use the audio guide.

There are many people on the island who aren't familiar with Sawa no Komichi so we're considering promoting the application and suggesting that the place be used as a field trip or field work location to local nurseries, elementary schools and middle schools.

We have plans to host an event where we can freely exchange ideas at the Eco Agrimart. In addition to this, we're thinking about creating new regional events such as workshops and exhibits where local children create artwork (paintings, pictures, essays, etc.) of Sawa no Komichi.