Video of Connected Feelings Completed!

While we at Niijima have not been able to work as anticipated due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we set a new goal this fiscal year to produce a video that looks to a future of people using our velotaxi. We did so, aiming it at both those who already have a connection with our island and those who may come to know it from now on. Our video shows that the velotaxi is a communication tool connecting individuals to places and other people, and displays its unique peacefulness, traveling at a leisurely pace. The video also expresses our wish to connect with those who will care about Niijima from now on.


o convey our year's work to those living on the island, we are preparing to publish a third edition of the Niijima Treasure Island Newspaper to accompany the video's release. It introduces Honu the velotaxi and how the island got this well-ventilated vehicle, which allows for easy conversation from the standpoint of preventing viral transmission too. We also summarize the trials and errors that couldn't all be conveyed in our video, such as the issues that emerged using aini (a matching service that allows you to search for local experience deals across Japan) and the difficulty in securing drivers.

An Island that Connects With the New 2022 video can be seen here:


This video was not made to promote tourism. We took great care in discussing everything down to which medium we would distribute it through, in order to precisely convey the wishes of Niijima's members. We want to create an opportunity for visitors and those living on the island to connect and become friends through the velotaxi. From this, we decided that the most ideal way would be to have people watch our video as they read the third edition of the Niijima Treasure Island Newspaper, and so we chose YouTube as our platform. One of the other opinions in these member discussions was for children on the island to get a proper look at our initiatives so far. We are considering ideas such as asking our junior high school to play the video during lunch break.


As we have moved forward with our efforts, some young people from the island have come forward, agreeing with our members' feelings and wishing to become involved in Niijima's initiatives in the near future. Through this fiscal year's new goal of producing a video that looks to a future of people using our velotaxi, the circle of our work is steadily expanding. From now on we will utilize the velotaxi beyond our experience deals with aini, using it as both an opportunity to connect those who care about Niijima and as transport that the island's people can enjoy too.